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MIMCOL started off with a portfolio of some 80 Government investments, and it immediately embarked on identifying and addressing the major problems pervading these companies.  A number of non-viable companies were immediately closed down and put into liquidation, whereas others with commercial potential were hived off to the private sector. The remaining companies, which were deemed unripe for privatisation or considered of a strategic national interest, remained within MIMCOL’s remit.  Several of these companies have, since then, undergone extensive reorganisation and restructuring with the aim of improving their financial and operating performance whilst still satisfying any obligations of a social and public interest nature. Today MIMCOL’s sister company MGI holds a rationalised portfolio of 17 companies.

Over time, MIMCOL’s scope of activities evolved beyond the management of its own portfolio of investments as its extensive experience and technical expertise were increasingly recognised and drawn upon by various Ministries and Government agencies.  Since the late 1990s

MIMCOL has been involved in high-level specialised assignments such as strategic reviews of the management and operations of important parastatal companies and corporations operating in various sectors.  MIMCOL has also been actively involved in a lead advisory capacity to the Privatisation Unit in the context of Government’s privatisation programme, and had a forefront role in the privatisation of state entities such as Malta International Airport, the National Lottery and Maltapost. Today MIMCOL falls under the responsibility of the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business headed by the Hon Dr. Chris Cardona. 

MIMCOL is the technical advisor to Malta Government Investments (MGI) subsidiaries as well as consultancy arm to the Cabinet of Ministers and other agencies.

MIMCOL is also proud to have worked with international partners in a wide range of assignments:

§ Vlaemminck and Partners (Belgium) – Privatisation of the National Lottery
§ The National Lottery Commission (UK) – Privatisation of the National Lottery
§ HEDRA (UK) – Privatisation of the National Lottery
§ BNP Paribas (France) – Privatisation of Malta International Airport
§ Standard Bank London (UK) – Joint Consultancy Bid for Privatisation of a Latvian Company
§ Nomisma (Italy) – Joint Bid for an Agro-industry Sectoral Study
§ The Greenery (Netherlands) – Study on the Fruit and Vegetable Market
§ NKL and Associates (UK) – Liberalisation of the Gaming Industry