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The knowledge base of its consulting staff is continuously enhanced through MIMCOL’s commitment to the professional development of its core team. In fact, most of MIMCOL’s professional staff have achieved, or are in the process of obtaining, a qualification at a Masters level in their chosen career paths which include Business Administration, Finance, Information Technology and Human Resources.

MIMCOL combines the financial and business consulting experience of a small multi-disciplinary nucleus of highly qualified professionals, most of whom have a private sector background.

To meet the skill requirements of the diverse assignments it undertakes, as well as to ensure speed of response, MIMCOL relies on a very flat and lean organisational structure and adopts a matrix organisation that maximises on team work, shared responsibilities and decision making. MIMCOL supplements its own in-house expertise by drawing upon external specialists in areas such as legal services, architecture and civil engineering, quantity surveying, etc.

The following is a brief profile of each member of MIMCOL’s management team:

Adrian Said - Chairman

Anthony Valvo - Deputy Chairman

Stanley Mifsud - CEO

John Busuttil - CFO

Doreen Camilleri

Rosette Cassar

Renzo Farrugia

Claire Lateo

Brandon Lowell

Marjana Mallia

Philip Sammut

Marco Vella

Harold Walls

Paul Waltzing