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Privatisation of the facilities of Malta Shipyards (2009 – 2011)

Description: In 2008 Government announced its intention to privatise the facilities of Malta Shipyards Limited. The competitive bidding and proposal process was structured with the aim of divesting the facilities of the following four business units of the shipyard (separately or jointly) through four distinct but parallel processes:

  1. Yacht repair and refit facilities situated at Manoel Island;
  2. Ship repair facilities situated at the Dock 4, 5 and 6 area in Cospicua;
  3. Malta Super Yacht Services (MSYS) facilities situated at Senglea;
  4. Shipbuilding and steel fabrication facilities situated at Marsa.

The evaluation of the proposals was entrusted to MIMCOL with regard to the business and financial aspects, and to Shipyard Economics (a UK-based consultancy specializing in shipyard operations) with regard to the technical dimension. Further to the evaluation process, and on the basis of the respective conclusions reached by the Evaluation Committee, the four privatisation processes proceeded separately.

Companies Involved: Manoel Island Yacht Yard (MIYY) Consortium, Palumbo SpA