Malta Investment Management Company Limited (MIMCOL) is a government entity dedicated to creating, assisting and promoting financial endeavours/projects with the ultimate aim of strengthening the national economic effort; offering services for the restructuring and privatisation, strategic management services, Human Resources guidance and a wide range of financial services.

Who we are

MIMCOL is a collective of experienced business and accounting professionals brought together by a mission - to create value through the formation and reformation of economic elements while satisfying any obligations that are of social and public interest.

Ever since its inception in 1988 MIMCOL has been a vital element in structuring strong and sustainable business ventures on a wide variety of markets, whether it being on a financial or operational level.

MIMCOL has been involved in high-level specialised assignments such as strategic reviews of the management and operations of important parastatal companies and corporations operating in various sectors. MIMCOL has also been actively involved in a lead advisory capacity to the Privatisation Unit in the context of Government’s privatisation programme, and had a forefront role in the privatisation of state entities such as Malta International Airport, the National Lottery and Maltapost. Today MIMCOL falls under the responsibility of the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business headed by the Hon Silvio Schembri.

MIMCOL is the technical advisor to Malta Government Investments (MGI) subsidiaries as well as consultancy arm to the Cabinet of Ministers and other agencies.

Our history

MIMCOL was set up in 1988, originally with the primary aim of rationalising the portfolio of investments held by the Government of Malta at the time through a comprehensive management, restructuring and divestment (divestment) programme.

Starting off with a portfolio of some 80 government investments it immediately embarked on identifying and addressing the major problems pervading these companies.

A number of non-viable companies were immediately closed down and put into liquidation, whereas others with commercial potential were hived off to the private sector. The remaining companies, which were deemed unripe for privatisation or considered of a strategic national interest, remained within MIMCOL’s remit. Several of these companies have, since then, undergone extensive reorganisation and restructuring with the aim of improving their financial and operating performance whilst still satisfying any obligations of a social and public interest nature. Over time, MIMCOL’s scope of activities evolved beyond the management of its own portfolio of investments as its extensive experience and technical expertise were increasingly recognised and drawn upon by various Ministries and Government agencies. As MIMCOL looks to the future, some of the key elements to ensuring its continued success will revolve around the development of a more robust and strategic Human Resources function, the continuation and creation of new start-up initiatives, and the introduction of revenue generation and cost control strategies.

The Board of Directors

Chairperson – Ronald Mizzi
Deputy Chairperson – Andre Psaila


Lauren Ellul
Jesmond Mugliette
Ryan Pace
Joseph Farrugia
Simon Pantalleresco
Board Secretary - Mark Camilleri


"We Rise By Lifting Others" - Robert G. Ingersoll

Mr. Ronald Mizzi

Chairperson Mr Ronald Mizzi is an experienced public officer who has worked in the Maltese Public Service for the last twenty years, mostly in relation to EU Funding and EU Affairs.

Mr Mizzi was appointed Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Energy and Health (Energy) in April 2014 and later served as the Permanent Secretary within the Office of the Prime Minister with a portfolio including energy, water and public-private initiatives. He was notably instrumental in leading the energy reforms which took place in this period, including the successful State Aid negotiations with the European Commission on the new Delimara Energy Project.

Since then he worked in different sectors ranging from tourism, water management, Public Private Partnerships, Government Concessions and in a host of regeneration and embellishment projects. He led also a number of reforms within Malta’s National Airline Air Malta and helped in the setting up of another local airline.

In 2017, he became Permanent Secretary of the Tourism Ministry and led the sector through record growths but also during the difficult times of COVID-19.

In April 2022, Mr Mizzi was appointed Permanent Secretary for the Ministry for the Economy, European Funds and Lands. He is also Chairperson of MIMCOL and MGI.

Mr Mizzi holds a Masters Degree in European Studies and a first Degree in International Relations, whilst throughout the years he underwent training in many different areas and acquired a vast array of skills.

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André Psaila

Deputy Chairperson Mr. Andre´ Psaila joined MIMCOL in April 2021 as Deputy Chairman. He holds a senior management position within the Investments Dept. at the Central Bank of Malta where he has participated in various ECB working groups and provided technical assistance on sovereign bond issuances. He holds an MSc degree in Banking and Finance and a BCom (Honours) degree in Economics both from the University of Malta.

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Rosette Cassar

Rosette Cassar is a warranted Lawyer with a Master’s degree in Financial Services. Rosette trained and worked with local law firms for six years before joining MIMCOL in 2014. Her areas of practice include General Civil and Commercial Law, Corporate Law, International Tax Law, Public Procurement Law, Family Law and Occupational Health and Safety Law..

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Renzo Farrugia

Renzo Farrugia is a Certified Public Accountant and Auditor with an MBA from Henley. He joined MIMCOL’s managerial team in 2011. Prior to this, Renzo worked in a number of roles both private and public in a variety of sectors. Currently, Mr. Farrugia is assisting the Privatisation Unit in a number of on-going initiatives on behalf of the Government of Malta.

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Claire Lateo

Claire Lateo re-joined MIMCOL in October 2001. She is presently tasked with matters related to human resources and is a member of the Public Administration Collective Bargaining Unit. Claire holds a Diploma in Management Studies with the University of Malta and an MSc in Industrial Relations and Human Resources with the University of Leicester.

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Brandon Lowell

Brandon Lowell joined MIMCOL’s management team in 2014 and was immediately involved with concessions and PPPs alongside the Privatization Unit. Currently he is involved in the finance, accounting and payroll functions for MGI and Trade Malta. Brandon Lowell have obtained the Diploma in Accounting and Business and is currently undertaking the accountancy course with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

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Marjana Camilleri

Marjana Camilleri holds the position of Manager at MIMCOL and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She assists in the preparation and presentation of monthly management accounts, budgeting processes and various financial assignments whilst in liaison with the CFO and CEO.

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Philip Sammut mimcol malta

Philip Sammut

Philip Sammut is a Certified Public Accountant. Before joining MIMCOL’s managerial team in 2009, he held the position of a Financial Controller for a number of companies within the Farsons Group of Companies. Since he joined MIMCOL, Philip has worked on various consulting assignments and has assisted various Government companies in different areas.

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Marco Vella

Marco Vella joined MIMCOL’s management team in 2000 specialising in financial, management consultancy and privatisation projects. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a Fellow of the Malta Institute of Accountants. During his work at MIMCOL Marco read for a Master of Business Administration from Henley Management College which he obtained in 2007..

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Harold Walls

Harold Walls is a Director on Industrial Project Services LTD, Chairman of the Industrial Tribunal and a member of the negotiating team of the Public Administration Collective Bargaining Unit. Mr. Walls’ key areas of expertise are Training and Development, Employee Resourcing and Employee Relations. He holds an M.Sc in Human Resources Management.

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Josef Cachia

Josef Cachia joined MIMCOL’s managerial team in 2022. Prior to this, Josef worked in various technical and managerial roles both within the private and public sectors. Josef holds a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems from the University of London, and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Chester. Currently Josef is assisting MIMCOL in a number of projects related to Business Advisory.

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Paul Waltzing

Paul Waltzing joined MIMCOL’s management team in 2011 with experience in the fields of business management, consultancy and project management. Paul currently handles various consultancy assignments while overseeing initiatives related to addressing access to finance with the Maltese start-up ecosystem. Paul holds an MBA from Henley Management College.

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Rennie Mercieca

Rennie Mercieca holds the position of Manager at MIMCOL since he joined in 2015. He worked as a Deputy Head at the Industrial Relations Unit within the People and Standards Division within the Office of the Prime Minister. Since then he worked in different management sectors involving people management, employee-relations and employment law, both in the Public service and Public Sector. He holds a Master’s Degree in Diplomatic Studies since 2001 from the University of Malta with emphasis on International Economics, International relations, International Law and Diplomacy. He also holds a post graduate certificate in Human Resources and Training from the University of Leicester which he obtained in 2020.

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