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Business Advisory

MIMCOL’s workload under this pillar is typically a collection of projects, some of them of an ad hoc trouble-shooting nature, which are cascaded from the higher echelons of Government depending on the policy priorities of the day.

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Policy Setting malta

Policy Setting & Restructuring

MIMCOL provides advisory services on all aspects of policy decision-making, restructuring and privatisation. Our advice is based on our extensive technical skills and draws upon the experience of similar decisions from around the world. MIMCOL also assists in the search and identification of prospective investors and strategic partners, and provides advice on acquisition, divestment and transfer of business.

At the outset of each project, MIMCOL carries out an in-depth comprehensive analysis of the subject entity, identifies the major assignment deliverables and provides a focused, customised project strategy aimed at achieving the set objectives. MIMCOL guides its client throughout the various project phases, and where appropriate, provides assistance during due diligence, evaluation and negotiation stages and finally, assists in ensuring a seamless transition to the new organisational scenario.

Strategic Business Management

MIMCOL provides advice to state-owned enterprises, operating in a wide spectrum of business sectors, on strategies that help to add value to their business. Such strategies involve decisions on whether and how to enter into new markets and to make new investments, how to set prices and tariffs, how to design or redesign the organisational structure, how to manage the human resource dimension of the business, and how to finance the company and its initiatives. MIMCOL’s role does not stop with the provision of advice, but it offers hands-on assistance in the effective implementation of its recommendations.

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Human Resources Advisory Services Malta

Human Resources

MIMCOL has over sixteen years’ experience dealing with human resource issues in numerous state-owned enterprises. Our HR team offers guidance and assistance in collective bargaining processes and helps client entities’ management to implement pragmatic, situation-specific HR solutions.

MIMCOL conducts organisational and HR analyses and assists management to identify and select key management personnel. MIMCOL is currently responsible for redeployment of a pool of employees previously engaged with downsized government entities. Working closely with organisations across the entire public service as well as private sector companies, MIMCOL finds innovative ways to match its existing resources with employment and retraining opportunities as they arise.

Corporate Finance

MIMCOL provides a wide range of services in the finance area, including project feasibility studies, business valuations, business planning, budgeting and financial forecasts, assistance in sourcing of finance, insolvency and winding up procedures. MIMCOL also deals with all financial aspects of restructuring and privatisation projects, including planning and management of IPO projects.

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