Mask Subsidy Scheme Guidelines

In consideration of the price capping being imposed on surgical masks sold by pharmacies, MIMCOL, under the auspices of the MEIB will be introducing and administering the ‘Mask Subsidy Scheme’. This serves to aid pharmacies in alleviating wholesale cost-induced losses borne by the introduction of the capping whilst securing the wider public interest.

All eligible parties will be granted a refund for disposable surgical mask stocks bought over the period 9th March to not later than 4th May 2020. The refund is reflective of the difference between the purchased wholesale price (inclusive of VAT) and the €0.95 capping, not exceeding €0.70 per mask. As such, applicants need to provide the administering entity with invoice references including stock quantity levels and respective purchase prices over that same period.  A copy of the respective invoice needs to be included in the application submission.

Applications need to also include a declaration by the applicant’s accountant that s/he has verified the accuracy of the claims being made and that s/he confirms there are no overstatements. Furthermore, accountant’s declaration should include a confirmation that s/he has verified all invoices and prices thereon in relation to the stock for which a refund is being claimed.

For verification purposes, applicants may be subjected to an independent on and off-site inspection to verify that the claims being made are true and fair irrespective of the certification of the applicant’s accountant.

All applicants will be able to apply via MIMCOL’s portal. For further information contact us on [email protected]